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About Us

Who are Abm Precast?

ABM Precast Solutions offers a comprehensive service to the UK civil engineering sector with the capability to design and manufacture a vast range of precast concrete products from small coping units to massive structural components weighing over 120 tonnes.

Working with leading civil engineers, designers and contractors, we’re proud to be part of many of the country’s major civil engineering projects. At our Nottinghamshire plant, we bring together extensive practical experience with technical know–how to ensure that we can deliver innovative and competitive solutions in the most challenging situations.

Fast and Flexible

Precast concrete gets the job done faster – major components can be factory produced simultaneously with site preparation. On site, precast concrete minimises the environmental impact of construction, creating less noise, debris and pollution risk.

Where flexibility, durability, ease of construction and value engineering are the driving forces, ABM has the Precast Solution.